2020 NMLS CE 8 Hour Webinar (No Tests)

This course is brought to you by LoanOfficerSchool.com (NMLS 1400057). This is an all new course developed to meet the requirements for your 2021 NMLS license renewal! Meet the CE deadline by watching and listening to our live class on your own computer with no testing required! Price - $129.00

8 Hour Continuing Education Webinar

Course offered by Diehl (1400133). 7 Hour SAFE CE Core plus 1 Hour Elective CE.  Learn about the news you can use, and protect your license better while growing your expertise. Use what we discuss to power your conversations with your clients, referral sources, and your even your company.  We also use case study assessments instead of multiple-choice tests which are industry-expert driven.  Price $169.00

One Day 8 Hour Continuing Education Webinar

Offered by My Mortgage Trainer (1400080) This webinar is a great way to knock your CE out in one sitting! They are interactive, high paced and packed with lots of great content that is delivered by an energetic trainer! Price - $129.00