Mississippi PE: 4-Hour State Pre-License Course
This course is provided by Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance (NMLS Provider 1400133).  Mississippi has a requirement for 4 hours of instruction on state-specific law (MS S.A.F.E Mortgage Act) which may be satisfied by either taking a MS comprehensive course or a state-specific elective course.   Price - $89.00
Mississippi State Pre-License Online (4 Hours)
These courses are provided by MortgageEducation.com (NMLS 1400051). This course covers Mississippi Law relevant to Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) and is structured to reflect the outline of the MS (DBCF) License Exam. During this 4-hour pre-licensing course covering Mississippi Mortgage Law, we will cover several laws including: Mississippi Law Sections Title 81, Chapter 18, Sections 01 thru 53; and section 61 & 63 for NMLS&R, of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Anointed. This course will also discuss current licensing regulation. Price - $119.00
Mississippi Pre-License Online Self Study - 4 Hours
This course is provided by MyMortgage Trainer (NMLS Provider 1400080).  Mississippi requires 4 hours of instruction on state-specific law to obtain mortgage license.    Price - $129.20