Advanced Commercial Processing & Underwriting

In today's challenging market, processing and underwriting commercial mortgage loans can be tough, to say the least. Our Advanced Commercial Processing & Underwriting class provides a basic understanding of the financial statements used in a commercial loan decision, understanding the sources of repayment, and the different types of collateral that can be used to mitigate risk.


  • Balance Sheet Review
  • Income Statement Review
  • Cash Flow Statment Review
  • Sources and Uses of Cash
  • Sources of Repayment
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Collateral
  • Ratios
  • Practice Quiz

Price - $495.00 Sale - $395.00

Commercial Processing & Underwriting 101

In today's challenging market, processing commercial mortgage loans can be tough, to say the least. Our Commercial Processing & Underwriting 101 class provides a basic understanding of Commercial Lending; how it operates, the different types of borrowers that are considered, determining risk factors, and how loans progress through the credit process and are continually serviced. 


  • Differences in Residential and Commercial Underwriting
  • Different Types of Commercial Lending Specializations
  • Process Flow of a Commercial Loan
  • How are Commercial Loans Regulated, Serviced, Reported
  • Structure of Commercial Sales and Credit Teams 
  • The Five C’s of Credit
  • Borrowers and Guarantors
  • What are Financial Spreads
  • What does a Commercial Credit and Loan Request Look Like
  • What happens when a loan doesn’t perform
  • Practice Quiz

Price - $495.00 Sale - $395.00

Mortgage LaunchPad®

Working in the mortgage industry can be a very rewarding career, and requires the ability to properly understand the mortgage process, from A to Z. From reading a credit report, to reviewing the appraisal, to stacking the borrower's file for the underwriter, to calculating the borrower's income, to understanding the title report much more!

CampusMortgage® offers a comprehensive "professional development" training program entitled: Mortgage LaunchPad®, which includes (6) online training classes. Let us help you gain the mortgage skills you need to launch your mortgage career and secure that perfect mortgage job.


Get All (6) Training Classes Below:

  1. Loan Processor 101 - "The Basics"
  2. Advanced Processing - "Real World Lessons"
  3. Calculating Income, LTV & DTI Workshop
  4. DU/LP Workshop - "Everything from A to Z"
  5. Tax Returns Analysis Workshop - "For Self-Employed Borrowers"
  6. Underwriter 101 - "The Essentials" 

Price - $895.00 Sale - $595.00