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Finding the right mortgage training can be both difficult and time consuming. Mortgage Knowledge has simplified the process. We offer the industry’s largest source of mortgage education and training. Whether you are looking for mortgage licensing courses or want to improve your professional skills, we make finding quality training easy. Select the type of education you’re looking for and we’ll direct you to courses offered by the mortgage industry’s best education providers. Classes are offered for every state and all industry positions including: loan origination, mortgage processing, loan underwriting, managing broker and more. There are literally hundreds of classes to choose from.

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  License Classes

Career Development


Processing   Multi-State   Underwriting

Mortgage Processing

Mortgage loan processing is vital in the journey of home financing. Mortgage processors organize documentation, communicate with all parties, and ensure compliance with regulations. Their role facilitates a smooth transition for borrowers and lenders alike. Whether you’re a new mortgage processor or advancing your skills, these processing courses will meet your needs.



Multi-State Licensing

Obtaining your mortgage license in multiple states can create significant increases in your revenue stream. Creating new markets as a loan officer can be easily accomplished through additional state mortgage licenses. The process may be easier than you thought. Learn more.




Mortgage Underwriting

After collection of an application and financial documents, underwriters assess the risk and determine if the applicant qualifies for a mortgage. Examining factors like credit, history, income, employment and property value underwriters ensure lender guidelines and regulations are met. Both new and advanced underwriters can benefit from these courses to enhance their careers.

Late CE   Compliance   Government Loans

Mortgage License - Late CE

Mortgage license continuing education only counts for the year in which it is taken. If you did not complete your CE during the licensing period calendar year, you will need to complete Late CE before you can renew your license. Here you will find Late CE courses for national and state education requirements.


Mortgage Compliance & HR

In today’s mortgage industry, compliance is crucial. Mortgage lenders, brokers, processors, and loan originators must understand the importance of lending regulations and industry standards as they change. These online courses will keep you and your company compliant with national authorities.


Government Loan Programs

Government mortgage programs offer a great lending opportunity, but each can have specific requirements. These mortgage programs include: FHA, VA, USDA, Multi-family, reverse mortgages and others. A strong understanding of these programs can be the difference between closing or not closing the mortgage loan.

Loan Servicing   Exam Prep   Commercial Lending

Mortgage Loan Servicing

Mortgage loan servicing is the ongoing management and administration of a mortgage after it has been originated. Mortgage loan servicing requires unique knowledge and understanding of specific systems. These courses will help you better understand the procedures and processes used to effectively service mortgage loans.




Mortgage License Exam Prep

The mortgage loan originator licensing exam is challenging and covers topics such as mortgage regulations, ethics, lending standards, and relevant laws.  It is recommended that an exam prep course is used to help you prepare to pass the license exam.  Successful completion of the exam is required to obtain your license.  Online exam prep courses, apps, and flashcards are available for both new and existing licensees.


 Commercial Lending

Commercial lending is a unique and challenging market. Commercial lending is the process of providing financial resources to businesses and organizations for various purposes. Understanding how to process and underwrite commercial loans is a particular talent and very different from residential lending. These courses will help you to develop and improve your commercial lending skills.