Mortgage Processor Complete On-Boarding Package
This class is provided by CampusMortgage®. The Mortgage Processor Complete On-Boarding Package is an instructor-led, on-demand audio-video webinar series specifically designed to effectively train individuals on proven loan processing tasks, competencies, and principles. Whether you have not yet and are looking to enter the mortgage processing profession, or you’re currently working as a loan processor or assistant, this loan processing boot camp will provide the loan processor skills you need to advance your mortgage processor career or secure a loan processing career position. Get All (8) Classes:  - Loan Processor 101 – “The Basics” - Advanced Processing – “Real World Lessons” - FHA/VA Processing – “For Processors” - Appraisal Review Workshop – “Intensive Study of the Appraisal” - Calculating Income, LTV & DTI Workshop - DU/LP Workshop – “Everything from A to Z” - TRID Compliance – “The Essentials” - Dodd/Frank Roll Back – “New Rules Defined” Price - $1,395.00 (sale)
MLO Pre-Underwriting Boot Camp
Learning how to "pre-underwrite" the borrower’s file before submitting to the underwriter is a critical step for any MLO. With that said, we have put together a comprehensive training program entitled: MLO Pre-Underwriting Boot Camp™, which combines (6) courses with the Certified Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU®-CMU) certification program. Key Benefits: Prevent Loans from Getting Rejected by the Underwriter Increase Closing Ratios Decrease Loan Fall Outs Increase Credibility with Real Estate Agents Get All (4) Webinars Below: Mortgage Underwriter 101 - “The Essentials” (WEBINAR) Advanced Underwriting - “Real World Lessons” (WEBINAR) FHA/VA Underwriting - “For Underwriters” (WEBINAR) Due Diligence in Underwriting - "Manual Underwriting" (WEBINAR) PLUS, Sign Up Today & Get (2) Bonus Classes Below, at NO Extra Cost: Calculating Income, DTI & LTV Workshop... a $395 Value !!! DU/LPA Workshop - “Everything from A to Z”... a $395 Value !!! Boot Camp Details: Includes: Certified Mortgage Underwriter (NAMU®-CMU) Certification (6) Recorded Instructor-Led Webinars – Watch 24/7 On-Demand 2-3 Weeks to Initially Complete 1-Year Unlimited 24/7 Access All Course Materials Downloaded as PDF Files Course Provider: CampusMortgage® (Our Training Division) Source Links Included – Get Further Clarity & Updates Ongoing “Concierge” Customer Support for 1 Year Group Discounts Also Available Download Bootcamp Brochure >> Frequently Asked Questions…
Advanced Loan Processing - "Real World Lessons"
This class is provided by CampusMortgage®. This instructor-led 3-hour online training webinar is designed for the experienced and already trained in basic loan processing. This course provides an in-depth understanding of mortgage loan processing from both a loan processor and underwriter’s point of view. Through a variety of loan scenarios, you’ll receive hands-on experience analyzing mortgage loan applications, allowing you to learn first-hand how understanding the basics of mortgage processing and supporting technology will increase your confidence and hone your decision-making skills as an effective mortgage processor. Experienced loan processors will receive an essential refresher and see how other experienced loan processors are handling their analysis.  Upon completion, students will be able to: apply best practices to processing decisions, use methods and expertise needed to evaluate mortgage files, analyze stipulations from the underwriter, prevent red-flagging, analyze & accurately review appraisals. Also covered in this course: understanding underwriter conditions, how outside vendors such as appraisers and mortgage insurance companies fit into the overall mortgage loan approval process.    Price - $395.00
Case File Underwriting Review - "FHA/VA Loans"
This class is provided by CampusMortgage®. This course has been designed to instruct underwriters on how to proceed with a mortgage underwriting case file review of an FHA file.  As a “how-to” course, the underwriter will be trained on how to complete an underwriting review on a fully processed FHA case including how to review the credit report, income documentation, asset documentation, contract of sale, and appraisal report. Additionally, the required disclosure and compliance review will be discussed. Underwriters will also be trained to recognize certain file triggers/red flags and will know when to ask for further documentation that has not been addressed by the AUS.    Price - $395.00
Multi-Family Underwriting & Processing - "Conventional Loans"
This class is provided by CampusMortgage®. Investment Properties have become an ideal asset for diversification of income in the Real Estate Industry. In the Multi-Family Underwriting & Processing - "Conventional Loans" course you will learn in detail, the fundamental and essential roles of both the Processor and Underwriter in rendering a Credit Decision for Conventional Loans secured by Multi-Family (2-4) Unit Income Properties. This course will encompass an in-depth examination of the Relevant Documentation, Analysis of the Borrower’s Eligibility and Collateral Evaluation of the Property, while providing industry tools to strengthen your knowledge and tangible skills to confidently process and underwrite a Conventional Multi-family 2-4 unit property.   Price - $395.00
Appraisal Review Workshop - "Intensive Study of the Appraisal"
This class is provided by CampusMortgage®. This Appraisal Analysis Workshop is a 3-hour online webinar designed to teach you the details that are required in each section of the real estate appraisal. You'll learn the details of what the industry looks for in these reviews to prevent fraudulent appraisal practices. You'll also gain the details and a complete understanding of the Sales Comparison Approach, Income Approach and Cost Approach, and much more!  Price - $395.00
Tax Return Analysis Workshop - "Examine Self-Employed Borrowers"
This instructor-led, 6-hour online training webinar is designed for any mortgage professional seeking formal instruction on personal and business tax return analysis. This intensive workshop provides detailed instruction on all tax return forms and schedules, the required income calculation formulas, and completion of the Fannie Mae Cash Flow Analysis Form 1084. Learn self-employment income best practices and underwriting guidelines. Price - $395.00